Arabic language

WKU offers an Arabic language summer program for middle and high school students

Each summer, middle and high school students attend WKU for three weeks to study an in-depth and engaging curriculum as part of the Summer Program for Verbal and Mathematically Precocious Youth (VAMPY), a program of the Center for Gifted Studies in the WKU. Classes are available in a number of subjects, including chemistry and writing. Modern languages ​​are also offered at VAMPY, with the introductory course in Arabic. The Arabic course has scholarships from the Qatar Foundation International (QFI), to cover up to $2,000 of program costs for students.

This summer, WKU Arabic Instructor Lhousseine Guerwane, Arabic Instructor at WKU, will teach the Arabic course. Cody M. Smith, candidate teacher at the WKU College of Education and Behavioral Sciences and student in WKU Modern Languages, will assist Professor Guerwane. During the three-week course, students will learn to read and write the Arabic alphabet, communicate common topics in everyday topics, and study cultural products and practices in the Arab world. The course will have two daily sessions, with one hour of review in the evening on the material studied by the students. However, learning will not stop when students leave the classroom; students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in discussions with guest speakers and during class outings.

Professor Guerwane told Modern Languages: “I’m still looking forward to next summer. This is the only group of students who ask for homework! Professor Guerwane explains that the kids at VAMPY are so passionate about learning, ask high quality questions, and even ask him to give them homework so they can practice the material in their dorms (even if the homework isn’t generally not required at VAMPY). Professor Guerwane remarked that the personality of the students and their love of learning are similar to those of his undergraduate students at Mahurin Honors College (MHC).