Arabic language

The “Arabic language” conference emphasizes the importance of spreading the idea of ​​tolerance and coexistence.

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

The first international conference on the Arabic language, organized by the Mohammed Bin Saeed University of Human Sciences, ended on February 23-24. This type of knowledge has enriched scientific research and theoretical studies, integrated human values ​​and strengthened the sense of tolerance and coexistence among human beings.
A panel of researchers and scholars from around the world participated in the conference, which presented a number of research papers dealing with key themes: ethical and aesthetic ideas in Arabic, human dimensions in the literary and linguistic tradition and human values. In modern literary and linguistic discourse, its relationship with the Arabic dictionary and values, their role in establishing ideas about human values, the Arabic language and values ​​translated into Arabic, tolerance and coexistence.

Implementation of recommendations
For his part, Dr. Khalid Al Yabooni Al Taheri, President of the University, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to those who participated in the discussion of the First International Conference on the Arabic Language. The conference further stated: The university will work hard to implement the recommendations, use them in the field and publish them widely to achieve them The goals of the conference are to enshrine human values ​​through aesthetics and discourse of the Arabic language.
He pointed out that the interest in the Arabic language of Mohammed bin Saeed University for the humanities, its teaching, the dissemination of its contents, the expression of aesthetic elements and the enhancement of its luminous face meet the orders of the wise. A leader in promoting the status of the Arabic language in the global literary, cultural and intellectual arena, he noted that the conference is organized with the most valuable themes. A quality stream and a loving tool to integrate the status of the Arabic language as a peace message and a useful tool for civilized communication between different countries.
Dr. Khalifa Mubarak Al Taheri, the University’s Vice President for Educational Affairs, said: “This conference is a real addition to national efforts to celebrate the Arabic language, observe it and improve its status as an Arabic language. . transporter. It is a means of highlighting the Arab civilization, and the true Arab tradition, and its human values. Throughout its history, the Arab world has had its greatest potential for absorbing cultures across ages and generations, and its rich intellectual, cultural, literary and scientific content, thus making it an archive for thought and creativity. Maintains its position.

Commitment to values
Recommendations from the conference include evaluating Mohammed bin Saeed University’s efforts in the humanities for the humanities and building human values ​​and bridges of brotherhood and communication between individuals and nations that inspire peace in the soul of individuals and communities. And the interest that emerges from the university’s interest in protecting people, identities and enshrining human values, leading to fraternity, tolerance, coexistence, respect for others and d other noble values. One of the most important goals he seeks to establish and protect.
The recommendations emphasized the need to improve the university’s programs so that all students who meet the requirements of the university are a registered mark of the value of university study, the treatment of human values, in particular tolerance and coexistence. As a step towards spreading the concept of university, tolerance and coexistence in various universities around the world, a book entitled “Arabic Language and Human Values” in the publications of Mohammed bin Saeed University for the Humanities will be the first chapter in an upcoming lecture series.

4 scientific sessions
The two-day conference included four scientific sessions. Includes a working paper by Wassini al-Araj titled “Human Values ​​in Storytelling” and a paper titled “Compassion Between Pronunciation and Meaning in Arabic”. : Its Purpose and Instructions” Submitted by Dr. Ahmed Afif, and in addition to the article submitted by Dr. Ahmed Youssef titled “Man” another article titled “Lexicon of Values ​​in Emirati Poems by Dr. Muhammad Al-Zarif “by Joga Al-Hardi’s Essays on “Values ​​in Moon Women” and “Human and Social Values ​​through the Investigation and Presentation of Saif Al-Dajan’s Manuscript” by Dr. Sharif Marai. session ended with an article by Dr. Laila al-Obaidi titled “The Human Dimension of the Value of Love through the Arabic Lexicon: Lisan al-Arab A Model”.
During the second scientific session, Drs. Includes another article by Isa al-Hammadi titled “Educational Needs for Sustainable Development in the Citizenship and Arabic Language Curriculum” and “Arabic Language, Global Humanity”. Values ​​and Cognitive Genetics: A Cognitive Linguistic Psychological Approach” presented by Dr. Muhammad Hilal and concluded with the Glossary of Human Values ​​in Arabic Dictionaries by Dr. Haydham Jaihom, titled “Man”. Presented by Bhopalla.
During the third scientific session of the conference, Drs. Includes the essay “Human Values ​​on Arabic Translation Achievement: Selected Literature and Philosophy Approaches” and “Human Values ​​and the Aesthetics of Language” by Chedik Jawahar. Modern Arabic Literary Achievement ”Dr. Presented by Shadia Shakroosh, and another article by Dr. Heid Hussein entitled “Human values ​​in Arabic literature in Andalusian land and their impact on Arabic literature”. The dialectic of human values ​​and the disobedience of uneducated Arabs, a textual approach was provided by Dr. Mosa al-Kafi, while Dr. Belgassem al-Jadari submitted an article titled “Teaching the Arabic language. Tolerance and coexistence: teaching methods and content. The session ended with a presentation by Dr. Abdul Razak Zanid on “Human Values: Arabic Language and Education: Methods of Communication and Motivation”.
The fourth scientific session consisted of several essays, including Dr. Hameed Alawi’s paper “Theatrical Discourse and Human Values” and “The Universal Nature of Value and Ethics Between Rating Combat, Al-Amidi Balance as a Model by Dr. Contributed by Daad Al-Nasser, and another article entitled “Value Changes”. In the novel Gulf: “The Living Quarter” as a model, Dr. Presented by Nisar Kapilat. The fourth session concluded with an article entitled “Human values ​​in Arab culture, as a model novel”, in addition to an article by Dr. Basma Aroos entitled “Socialism and the etiquette of sociality in the Arab and Islamic culture”. Dr. Mohammad al-Omairi.