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The 88th Annual Conference of the Egyptian Academy of the Arabic Language will be launched on May 9

Arabic language academy in Cairo – social media

CAIRO – May 4, 2022: In an unprecedented step, the Arabic Language Academy in Cairo will host a group of thinkers, creators and poets at its 88th annual conference on May 9.

This year’s conference bears the slogan “Arabization of Science: Experiments, Problems and Solutions”.

The conference aims to hold dialogue sessions to produce tangible scientific results through the symposium “Creators and the Arabic language”, the round table “The experience of the Arabization of science and its teaching in Arabic: the opinion and the other opinion”, and a symposium entitled “Experiences of Arabization of human sciences, fundamental and applied”.

Several creators, poets and a few members and experts of the academy will take part in the two symposia and the round table, in addition to giving valuable scientific lectures.

In its closed sessions, the conference will discuss various scientific, linguistic and literary terms in Medicine, Engineering, Literature, Mathematics, Dialects, Linguistic Research, Computers, Words and Methods, Petroleum, Sharia, Biological Sciences, Agriculture, Geology, Media, Anthropology , education, psychology, environmental sciences, geography, chemistry, pharmacy, history and archeology, physics, philosophy and terms of civilization.

The conference concludes its activities on May 19, with a number of decisions and recommendations, and a final report.