Arabic calligraphy

The 58th Heritage House of Dhi Ain Village celebrates the inscription of Arabic calligraphy on the UNESCO list

Saudi Gazette report

THEE AIN – 58 heritage houses in the ancient village of Dhi Ain in the Al-Baha region, celebrated the inscription of Arabic calligraphy on the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.

The celebrations were held in the village decorating the facade of old houses, in addition to the light inspired by the identity of Arabic calligraphy and sound shows, as the Heritage Authority confirmed that the celebration will last for a week.

According to the UNESCO site, Dhi Ain Archaeological Village is characterized by authentic heritage and a long history, which dates back to the end of the 10th century AH (8th century AD), making its age over 400 years.

Dhi Ain village palaces amount to about 58 palaces as it was built in stone which is located on a mountain of white quartz, in addition to this it includes a mosque to perform the five obligatory prayers and Friday prayer .

Dhi Ain village is unique in its archaeological buildings which are hierarchically symmetrical on top of the White Mountain, in addition to embracing its waterfall.

Residents of Dhi Ain village said they were proud to have chosen their village to celebrate the inscription of Arabic calligraphy on the UNESCO list, as they confirmed that the village receives many delegations and visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom to see and explore its heritage and history.