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Why we must preserve the Arabic language – Doha News

The strength and weakness of a language and its respective nation are closely linked, when one falls, the other too, and vice versa. Asked about the most horrific events of the 18and century, German leader Otto von Bismarck replied, “The English colonies in North America adopted English as their official language”, expressing his disappointment that […]

Arabic language

Omani Cultural Fair Celebrates World Arabic Language Day – City Lights – Life & Style

Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman to Egypt Abdullah Al-Rahbi The theme of this year’s World Arabic Language Day, “The Arabic Language, a Bridge Between Civilizations”, is a call to reaffirm the important role of the Arabic language in connecting people through culture, science , literature and many other fields. ## Abdullah Al-Rahbi, Oman’s ambassador […]

Arabic language

4 things you need to know about the Arabic language

Please support local advertisers With 293 million native speakers and 422 million total speakers, Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world. In 26 countries, it is an official language. This does not mean that it is the majority language in each of these countries, but it is an official language in each […]

Arabic language

World Arabic Language Day | What is happening

Ammon News – The Arabic language is a pillar of the cultural diversity of humanity. It is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, used daily by more than 400 million people. World Arabic Language Day has been celebrated annually on December 18 since 2012. The date coincides with the day in […]

Arabic language

Egypt’s parliament deliberates on a bill to protect the Arabic language

Arabic Calligraphy – FILE CAIRO – 18 December 2021: Parliament deliberated on a bill to protect and develop Arabic in the face of growing interest in foreign languages ​​to the detriment of the official language. MPs Soulaf Darwish and Mona Omar introduced a bill that suggests ways to develop Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic, […]

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Unesco celebrates World Arabic Language Day with artwork and calligraphy – News

The rich diversity of the Arabic language will be commemorated on December 18 Reuters file for information only By Wam Published: Fri 17 Dec 2021, 13:42 The global family will celebrate World Arabic Language Day on December 18 under the theme “Arabic Language, A Bridge Between Civilizations.” According to Unesco, Arabic is one of the […]

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Greetings, wishes, messages and quotes to share

Today, Arabic is spoken by nearly 420 million people around the world! The United Nations, in 2010, declared December 18 to be celebrated as World Arabic Language Day to commemorate the legacy of this classic language. World Arabic Language Day Messages: Languages ​​are the quintessence of human interaction. The functioning of the world is unimaginable […]

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Arabic language, between protection, violation and obligation in the State of Qatar.

introduction: The State of Qatar’s approach to protecting and promoting the use of the Arabic language is clear; legislations obliging all governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote and protect the Arabic language, in addition to hundreds of national, regional and international initiatives strengthening and supporting the use of the Arabic language. In this article, the […]

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Algeria: Arab-Amazigh dispute over the use of the Arabic alphabet for Berber languages

Algeria’s Supreme Islamic Council, considered the country’s highest religious authority, has sparked national controversy over its attempt to enshrine Berber languages ​​in Arabic letters. The Amazigh tribes, who have lobbied for their languages ​​to be recognized as official, have expressed strong objection to their dialects being written in Arabic letters, saying they want Latin inscriptions […]