Arabic calligraphy

Startup of the week: Preserving the culture of Arabic calligraphy

JEDDAH: The Kashidah Project offers Arabic calligraphy lessons to help resolve the current disconnect with Arabic language culture that many young people experience.

Kashidah offers a three-month course to teach Arabic calligraphy to children and adults, as well as a creative calligraphy toolkit to help students learn.

From the steps to sharpen the pen to the preparation of the ink, a bilingual book is attached to the toolkit.

It was created to identify the importance of each tool used in Arabic calligraphy and to provide information about the culture of Arabic calligraphy.

The concept of “Kashidah” ​​is to highlight the importance of Arabic calligraphy and to prevent this art form from disappearing in a technology driven world.

Khadijah Fadaaq, the Saudi founder of the project and a recent graduate in visual communication from Dar Al-Hekma University, said: “Recognizing the importance of learning Arabic calligraphy will create awareness of the culture of Arabic calligraphy in using local art to embrace their own culture. ”

“We aim to find a suitable way for students to learn the skills of Arabic calligraphy as well as open new doors for different people to discover more about the culture of this art,” she said.

Fadaaq’s calligraphy work was selected for Saudi Airlines’ new private aviation logo, ‘Albayraq’.

Kashidah is a Persian word; in Arabic, it means the technique used in calligraphy to extend the line between the letters of the Arabic script in order to even out and embellish the text. It is a type of justification in some cursive scripts related to Arabic.

“When designing the toolbox, I was trying to make it functional and comfortable for students to carry with the strap in their classes,” Fadaaq said.

“We want to encourage students to start using Arabic calligraphy in their careers and also show them some examples of how people excelled in calligraphy and used it creatively in their fields.”

Kashidah offers Arabic calligraphy lessons with volumes for each script, such as “Naskh” and other styles of Arabic calligraphy, with everything students need to master the techniques; classes take place in trusted educational spaces.