Arabic calligraphy

KAPL inaugurates Arabic calligraphy exhibition in Tunisia

TUNIS — Saudi Deputy Minister of Education for Universities, Research and Innovation, Dr. Mohammed Al-Sudairy, here on Saturday inaugurated the Arabic calligraphy exhibition organized by the King Abdulaziz Public Library in partnership with the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALECSO) during the meeting of the 26th General Conference of ALECSO in Tunisia in the presence of heads of Arab delegations.

The exhibition was opened by the Director General of ALECSO, Dr. Mohammed Ould Omar, who underlined the importance of the support and the considerable efforts provided by Saudi Arabia for the inscription of the file of Arabic calligraphy on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and the attention it pays to this art which expresses Arab culture and identity.

Dr. Ould Omar pointed out that the exhibition comes within the framework of King Abdulaziz Public Library’s efforts and participation, which is an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and partnership. He thanked everyone who contributed to the exhibition, noting the presence of the organization to watch the assets of the King Abdulaziz Public Library of these masterpieces and the creativity of calligraphers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It should be noted that the King Abdulaziz Public Library launched the International Arabic Calligraphy Exhibition simultaneously between Riyadh, Casablanca and Beijing, with the participation of the most famous calligraphers concerned with Arabic calligraphy and its arts, which represent the different eras Islamic calligraphy, and she has exhibited more than 200 books on the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy and its arts. — SPA