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Emirates News Agency – Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center celebrates top-performing students

ABU DHABI, 14th October, 2022 (WAM) — The best students of the International Certificate of Proficiency in Arabic (CIMA) will be honored for their excellence in the language at an award ceremony.

The CIMA Certificate – organized in partnership between the Arabic Language Center of Abu Dhabi (ALC), which is part of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, and the Arab World Institute (IMA) based in Paris – is the first recognized certification to assess proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic.

The announcement was made during an event held at the Alliance Française headquarters in Abu Dhabi, in the presence of Zaki Nusseibeh, Cultural Advisor to the President of the United Arab Emirates and Chancellor of the University of the United Arab Emirates; Dr. Ali bin Tamim, President of the ALC; Antoine Delcourt, Belgian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates; Sultan Al Hajji, President of the Alliance Française Abu Dhabi; Hugo Henry Ceylan, French cultural adviser; Saeed Al Tunaiji, Acting Executive Director of ALC and Franck Trouilloud, Director of the Alliance Française.

The exam is for those who want to measure their language skills, whether to apply for a job, study or find out their level of proficiency. Certificates are issued after candidates pass an academic test of their Arabic language skills.

The tests are organized by the Alliance Française, which oversees the CIMA certificate test centers in the United Arab Emirates, with the certificates being valid for three years. The ALC will soon honor the top performers in the exam at a ceremony at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

The ALC President said, “The CIMA exam is one of the most important joint projects between the ALC and the IMA, with both organizations dedicated to supporting Arabic reading and writing. among non-native speakers, while promoting its use as a global language of culture, communication, science and creativity.

“Today we celebrate the achievement of a distinguished group of candidates from various disciplines with a CIMA certificate, which confirms the great importance of Arabic among the languages ​​of the world.”

Dr. Bin Tamin said that the IMA was the ideal partner to support ALC’s efforts in promoting the Arabic language in the world, encouraging its use in France and Europe and highlighting its essential contribution to the world culture.

As part of the agreement between the ALC and the IMA, the Alliance française will promote the exam, record the number of annual candidates and their proficiency levels, and share information regarding key performance indicators .

The ALC and the IMA will also organize joint events in collaboration with international organizations to endorse the Arabic language, as well as to extend the cooperation on the exchange of expertise by participating in conferences, collaborating on publications and programs and organizing cultural events. The two parties also agreed on a joint action plan to publish reports on the Arabic language and its use throughout Europe.