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Dearborn has a typo on the Arabic-language ballots – Presse et Guide

After being made aware of a typographical error on the Arabic-language ballots, Dearborn City Clerk George T. Darany issued the following statement:

“Yesterday November 2, the City of Dearborn Clerk’s Office was notified of a typographical error immediately affecting 11 Arabic language ballots submitted for the upcoming general election,” Darany said in a press release. “The error appears in the non-partisan section of the ballot under ‘Supreme Court Justice’. While this section should ask voters to choose ‘no more than 2’ candidates, the Arab ballots instead say ‘no more than one”.

This error only appears on Arabic language ballots, and only in this section.

Upon learning of the error, the office immediately notified the Michigan State Elections Office and determined the number of absentee voters who needed to be notified. After a careful and accurate count of the Arabic mail-in ballots, the office determined the following:

  • As of this writing, a total of 34 Arabic mail-in ballots have been mailed to voters in Dearborn.
  • Of these, 11 have been completed and returned to the City Clerk’s office.
  • 23 outstanding Arab mail-in ballots have been sent out but have not yet been returned.

“Today we contacted the 34 voters who requested or submitted an Arabic absentee ballot and informed them of the typo,” Darany said. “They were also advised that they could, if they wished, make changes to the affected section of their ballots by visiting the City of Dearborn Clerk’s Office.”

Going forward, all Dearborn election officials have been instructed to provide voters with a written statement explaining the error on the Arabic ballots, as directed by the Michigan State Elections Office. This statement will only be provided to those who choose to use an Arabic ballot, whether in early or absentee voting or on Election Day. It is important to note that the Arabic ballots have been tested in accordance with election protocols, and the ballots can accurately register up to 2 selections in the relevant section.

“These ballots have undergone extensive review by a very selective translation committee,” Darany said. “However, mistakes can still happen. While we deeply regret the error, we are committed to working closely with all county and state election officials to ensure a fair and transparent resolution.

Source: City of Dearborn