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Collection of programs and events “Arabic Language Educator”

Sharjah (Union)

The Arabic Language Education Center for Gulf Countries has launched a collection of events and events on Gulf Day for Gifts and Creativity 2022. These programs are aimed at students, parents and professionals in the area of ​​Arabic. This will continue until March 9.
Remote events, workshops and a series of events include: A conference: “Enhancing linguistic talent and creativity in students at general education levels” and a workshop: “Development and attention. Talented and creative students in the field of poetry.
A poetry evening was organized for gifted students in the field of poetry: a workshop on “Developing and supporting talented and creative students in the field of Arabic writing” and a virtual exhibition of works by students in the field of Arabic writing, in addition to a workshop entitled: “Development of talented and creative students in the field of storytelling” And a presentation of the products of talented students in the field of observation and writing stories.
Participates in the establishment of expert panel events in the field of poetry, Arabic script and storytelling, in the presence and participation of talented and creative students in the field of poetry , handwriting and storytelling. Within the framework of these events, a conference was organized yesterday on the theme “Developing the talents and skills of linguistic creativity among pupils at the levels of public education”. Arabic language and linguistic creativity, and the speaker reviewed the distinction between talent and creativity.
Dr. Director of the Center for Arabic Language Teaching in Sharjah. Isa al-Hammadi confirmed that the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States and its agencies celebrate talent and creativity by sponsoring talent and creativity and supporting the programs offered to them. .
He explained that these events are organized with the aim of discovering the areas of their skills and creativity, guiding them in the right direction and motivating them to be more creative and innovative.
Al-Hammadi noted the interest of education ministers in the Bureau to step up their efforts to address this issue. The twenty-third session of the Bureau was held in Kuwait (21 and 22 October). 2014 AD) Recognizes Gulf Day as “Gulf Day for Gifts and Creativity”. It takes place on the third day of March and its activities and celebrations continue throughout the first week of March every year.