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Artists revive Arabic calligraphy ahead of Ramadan

RIYADH: Ignite The Sound concluded its activities on Saturday with the participation of more than 9,000 digital audio content creators and 300,000 virtual participants.

The event, organized by the Digital Content Council, aimed to enable pioneers in the audio content industry to reach advanced levels of inspiration, influence, growth and change.

In its first edition, the event hosted more than 75 speakers, 35 partners representing local and international companies, 30 round tables and 80 workshops attended by more than 2,400 people.

Ignite The Sound supports creators of digital audio content and podcasts and provides them with the necessary skills to develop their businesses and projects, thus contributing to the leadership of the Kingdom in this industry with returns on knowledge and cultural, scientific and economic gains.

Mohammed Al-Rubaian, secretary of the Saudi Digital Content Council, said the event was successful in attracting digital content creators and connecting them with their global counterparts and other experts in the field.

The event included rich and constructive discussions on innovative ideas, he said, which represent an important step in strengthening the Saudi presence in the world of digital audio content.

One of the roundtables held on the last day focused on sustainability in podcasting.

Abdulaziz Al-Hediyan, CEO of MICS, an Arabic podcast network, said during the discussion: “The first time I did a podcast, I didn’t find the existing environment and atmosphere helpful. I found lots of people like me who have unique content and want to show it through podcasts.

“Therefore, I decided to build an infrastructure that helps content creators and a business model that can achieve sustainability in this area. We have worked with several agencies from the private and government sectors, such as Misk, STC (Saudi Telecom Company) and Aramco, to produce their podcasts,” he added.

During the final ceremony, Al-Rubaian called on digital content creators to engage in continuous dialogue to develop Saudi content with the aim of strengthening the Kingdom’s position as a leading country in digitalization and other fields.