Arabic language

A CCQ event celebrates the Arabic language to mark International Mother Language Day

Participants in the seminar on the Arabic language.

Doha: The Community College of Qatar (CCQ), in collaboration with the Qatar National Committee for Education, Culture and Science, the Qatari Forum of Authors and Unesco, organized a seminar on “The Arabic language and cultural communication”.

The seminar celebrated the Arabic language, marking International Mother Language Day and the anniversary of the designation of Doha as the Capital of Culture in the Islamic World for 2021 by the World Educational, Scientific and Islamic culture (ICESCO).

The seminar hosted Abdullah Khamis Al Kubaisi, Acting Secretary General of the Qatari Committee for Education, Culture and Science at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and Maryam Yassin Al Hammadi, Managing Director of the Qatari Forum authors and director of the Department of Culture and the Arts at the Ministry of Culture.

Dr. Mariam Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Dean of the CCQ’s Liberal Arts Division, opened the seminar, moderated by Dr. Abdelhak Belabed, Associate Professor in the Department of Arabic Language at Qatar University and a member of the Qatari Authors’ Forum, in the presence of a large number of students, teachers and guests.

The seminar was initiated by Dr. Mounira Gannouni, assistant professor in the Department of Social Sciences of the CCQ, with a presentation entitled: “The reality of the Arabic language between the spoken and the written… Social media platforms such as example “. In his article, Dr. Gannouni referred to statistics on the use of the Arabic language on social media platforms in Arab countries, especially Facebook and Twitter, in response to a major question: which Arabic language Arabs use to tweet? The article concludes that social media platforms have developed a new concept of writing and opened the door to a new era of blogging, in which users do not necessarily use classical Arabic.

In the second part of the seminar, Dr. Sheikh Ahmed Amou, assistant professor in the Department of Social Sciences of the CCQ, presented a paper entitled: “Poetic language: a look at the cultural components of the Arabic language”.

He presented an approach to the internal qualities of the Arabic language, as a language characterized by inclusiveness at the vocal level, in addition to its many expressive potentials represented by the morphological growth of its verbal structures. The article also explored the compositional aspect of Arabic, which makes it one of the richest and deepest languages ​​compared to other popular languages, such as English and French.

In the third part of the seminar, Professor Asmaa Mohammad, Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Sciences of the CCQ, discussed a working document entitled: “Language and means of communication… A reading of reality”, in which she addressed the recent openness to knowledge revolution that has changed the frameworks of communicative discourse, resulting in a range of different language shifts and patterns.

Another important topic that was discussed during the seminar, based on questions posed by the audience, is the cultural dimension of the Arabic language, including the reality of the Arabic language, its history and the history of its interaction with other languages.