Arabic calligraphy

The sixth edition of the Cairo International Forum for Arabic Calligraphy celebrates the pioneers

The sixth edition of the Cairo International Forum for the Art of Arabic Calligraphy celebrates pioneers in the field.

These pioneers laid the technical foundations of this art form in several Arab and foreign countries.

“Teach by the Pen” is organized by the Cultural Development Fund of the Ministry of Culture, in partnership with the Egyptian Association of Arabic Calligraphy, the Fine Arts Sector and the Foreign Cultural Relations Sector.

Held at the Palais des Arts, it will run from June 1-7.

A total of 153 artists from 18 countries, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, China, Indonesia, Italy, Poland, UK, Malaysia, Tanzania, Lebanon and Egypt will participate in the forum. This year’s event will include workshops, scientific seminars, documentaries and art exhibitions.

The forum is named after the great Arabic calligrapher Yusuf Ahmed, considered one of the pioneers of Kufic calligraphy in the modern era.

A documentary film dedicated to his lifelong contributions to calligraphy will be screened and his paintings will be exhibited. The forum will also pay tribute to Emirati calligrapher Fatima Al-Baqali, Jordanian calligrapher Ibrahim Abu Touq and Egyptian artists Ahmed Al-Masry and Mustafa Al-Omari.