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The Arabic Language Center opens the Nabati Poetry Prize

Abu Dhabi’s Arabic Language Center is opening a new 1.5 million dirham awards program focusing on the nabati poetic tradition. On the Abu Dhabi Corniche, January 22. Image – Getty iStockphoto: Livinus By Porter Anderson, Editor | @Porter_Anderson Six categories and translation funding Jhe Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center in the United Arab Emirates, under […]

Arabic language

Why we must preserve the Arabic language – Doha News

The strength and weakness of a language and its respective nation are closely linked, when one falls, the other too, and vice versa. Asked about the most horrific events of the 18and century, German leader Otto von Bismarck replied, “The English colonies in North America adopted English as their official language”, expressing his disappointment that […]

Arabic calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy: a written revolution

Arabic calligraphy: a written revolution Photo credit: The Islamic Monthly Calligraphy and Arabic are sisters of the same marrow, one did not exist without the other. Since the beginning of written Arabic, long after an era of oral tradition, the scrolled lettering of taffy has been the basis of religious and historical documentation, mosque […]

Arabic language

Greetings, wishes, messages and quotes to share

Today, Arabic is spoken by nearly 420 million people around the world! The United Nations, in 2010, declared December 18 to be celebrated as World Arabic Language Day to commemorate the legacy of this classic language. World Arabic Language Day Messages: Languages ​​are the quintessence of human interaction. The functioning of the world is unimaginable […]

Arabic language

Arabic language, between protection, violation and obligation in the State of Qatar.

introduction: The State of Qatar’s approach to protecting and promoting the use of the Arabic language is clear; legislations obliging all governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote and protect the Arabic language, in addition to hundreds of national, regional and international initiatives strengthening and supporting the use of the Arabic language. In this article, the […]

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Algeria: Arab-Amazigh dispute over the use of the Arabic alphabet for Berber languages

Algeria’s Supreme Islamic Council, considered the country’s highest religious authority, has sparked national controversy over its attempt to enshrine Berber languages ​​in Arabic letters. The Amazigh tribes, who have lobbied for their languages ​​to be recognized as official, have expressed strong objection to their dialects being written in Arabic letters, saying they want Latin inscriptions […]