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Sheikh Sultan Chairs Periodic Meeting of Arabic Language Academy in Sharjah

Dr Sheikh Sultan endorses a number of new projects during the meeting at the University of Sharjah on Monday. W.A.M.

His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Muoammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah and President of the Arabic Language Academy (ALA), on Monday chaired the periodic meeting of the ALA at his headquarters in the university city of Sharjah.

The meeting discussed a number of topics related to ALA’s activities and efforts in implementing its core competencies to preserve the Arabic language and support all its areas.

Dr. Sheikh Sultan approved a number of new projects that ALA will work to implement in coordination with partners from institutions concerned with the Arabic language from different countries around the world.

He listened to a detailed explanation of the progress of work at the ALA and its various administrative affairs, in order to provide a stimulating environment for its employees, to provide the services necessary for the performance of their duties and to put in place various activities.

SheikhSultan-Arabic language Sheikh Sultan arrives to attend Monday’s meeting. W.A.M.

The meeting included a discussion on ways to support Arabic language academies to achieve integration between language academies to advance the Arabic language and work to improve its global dissemination, and to propose the best contributions at the level of publications of dictionaries, studies and research.

The meeting also discussed support for Arabic language efforts in the African and European continents in conjunction with the wide spread of the language in many countries and its demand by various people and interested parties.

Dr Sheikh Sultan was briefed on the latest developments in the completion of the historical dictionary of the Arabic language, of which His Highness launched the first 17 parts last November at the opening of the 40th edition of the International Book Fair of Sharjah. His Highness emphasized the concern to achieve as much as possible in the coming period while preserving accurate dating and documentation.

The meeting also discussed development plans of “Al Arabiya Lisani” magazine, which is published by ALA, in terms of linguistic knowledge and content, and diversification of linguistic and media fields.

Mohammed Hassan Khalaf, Managing Director of the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority (SBA), and Dr. Mohammed Safi Mustghanmi, Secretary General of ALA Sharjah, attended the meeting.