Arabic calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy workshop preserves cultural history through an engaging experience

We often think of writing and art as two separate mediums, but can’t handwriting itself be an art form? Younasse Tarbouni, associate professor of Arabic at the University of Washington, led a workshop on Arabic calligraphy, a style of expression that brings art and writing together to meet at an expertly harmonious intersection, Thursday and […]

Arabic calligraphy

MALAYSIA The authorities backtrack: Arabic calligraphy becomes elective

Students in Tamil and Mandarin schools can choose to study khatt. The Ministry of Education wanted to make it compulsory in elementary schools. Critics had accused the government of trying to “Islamize” education. Identity politics play an important role in the country. Kuala Lumpur (AsiaNews/Agencies) – The Malaysian authorities have backtracked Mandatory Khatt calligraphy in […]

Arabic calligraphy

Egypt’s oldest school of Arabic calligraphy struggles to survive

The Khalil Agha School, Egypt’s oldest specialized institute of Arabic calligraphy, is struggling to survive as fewer and fewer people are interested in learning calligraphy. Many calligraphy institutes have already closed their doors. “The numbers are decreasing every year due to the lack of available job opportunities, the rise of technology and the labor market […]

Arabic alphabet

Algeria: Arab-Amazigh dispute over the use of the Arabic alphabet for Berber languages

Algeria’s Supreme Islamic Council, considered the country’s highest religious authority, has sparked national controversy over its attempt to enshrine Berber languages ​​in Arabic letters. The Amazigh tribes, who have lobbied for their languages ​​to be recognized as official, have expressed strong objection to their dialects being written in Arabic letters, saying they want Latin inscriptions […]

Arabic calligraphy

Startup of the week: Preserving the culture of Arabic calligraphy

JEDDAH: The Kashidah Project offers Arabic calligraphy lessons to help resolve the current disconnect with Arabic language culture that many young people experience. Kashidah offers a three-month course to teach Arabic calligraphy to children and adults, as well as a creative calligraphy toolkit to help students learn. From the steps to sharpen the pen to […]

Arabic calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy, a Prolonged Influence on World Culture

Ayet El-Korsy (The Throne Verse) from the Holy Quran drawn with horse-shaped Arabic calligraphy – photo courtesy of flickr CAIRO – February 14, 2018: The Arabic language is an ancient strong language that is used by millions of human beings and also one of the most expressive languages ​​in literature, but the artistic value of […]

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The Fanar Center partners with CMU-Q to teach the Arabic language

DOHA: The Qatar Islamic Cultural Center (Fanar) of the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs is set to offer Arabic courses for non-speakers at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, in accordance with the center’s partnerships with a number of city universities of education. Fanar has signed an agreement with CMU-Q that will allow the center’s […]