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Many Arabic Language Teachers Demand “Fairness” – ARAB TIMES

Equity sought on the number of lessons per school day, equality

KUWAIT CITY, September 26: A number of primary level Arabic language teachers demanded equity in terms of the number of lessons per school day and equality with teachers of other subjects, reports the daily Al- Anba. In a letter to the Deputy Under Secretary for Educational Research and Program Sector, they wrote: “The guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education for schools set the quorum for Arabic language teachers at the primary level. with a total of nine classes for ranks. 1, 2 and 3 with each class lasting a full hour.

Thus, a teacher assigned to two classes will have a quorum of four out of five hours in a school day. A teacher, given this situation, will be given more duties outside of teaching hours, which would undermine their achievements in their role as a teacher and educator. Starting from our primary concern for the interest of the learner, which is at the center of our educational and learning objectives, and starting from our awareness as educators that the quality of education cannot be achieved that by the quality of the level of giving, we hope therefore that a fair working environment for the teachers of Arabic language in particular those of the primary stage.

We also hope that the quorum of primary Arabic language teachers will be reduced in order to achieve a psychologically safe working environment, which does justice to him and preserves his double effort with respect to all academic subjects, as well as financially and morally motivate him to continue to give for the good of future generations and the elevation of the country”.