Arabic language

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Today, Arabic is spoken by nearly 420 million people around the world! The United Nations, in 2010, declared December 18 to be celebrated as World Arabic Language Day to commemorate the legacy of this classic language.

World Arabic Language Day Messages:

  • Languages ​​are the quintessence of human interaction. The functioning of the world is unimaginable without languages.
  • Arabic is a fascinating language. Its use in architecture, poetry and philosophy is entirely aesthetic.
  • Historically, the Arabic language contributed enormously to the promotion of Greek and Roman philosophies and sciences by spreading it until the European Renaissance.
  • Arabic songs are very soothing to the ears! It’s almost like connecting to the divine by listening to Arabic songs.
  • Ancient Arabic manuscripts provide vital information about many historical incidents.
  • As the United Nations created the World Arabic Language Day, it is also known as the United Nations Arabic Language Day.
  • The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has proposed declaring December 18 as World Arabic Language Day.

United Nations Arabic Language Day 2021: History, theme, celebrations and celebration of this International Day

Celebrating such Language Days calls for respect for many languages ​​of the world and encourages people to speak several languages.

  • After French, English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese, Arabic became on December 18, 2010 the 6th official language of the United Nations.
  • A good number of churches in the Arab region have Arabic as their liturgical language; therefore, the rituals of these churches are conducted in Arabic.
  • Almost all Muslim communities in both hemispheres accept Arabic as a sacred language.
  • The prayers and various rituals of Muslims are conducted in Arabic.
  • The Koran, the holy and sacrosanct book of the Islamic religion, is written in Arabic.
  • Many other languages ​​such as Persian and Urdu use the Arabic alphabet.
  • About 66 nations of the world speak Arabic. Countries in Asia and Africa, such as Iran, Turkey, Chad, Mali, Eritrea and Cameroon, speak Arabic.
  • Overall, Arabic is one of the most important and influential languages ​​in the world.

Greetings for World Arabic Language Day:

  • Marhaba! I wish you a happy World Arabic Language Day!
  • I hope you will soon learn the mystical Arabic language! Happy World Arabic Language Day!
  • The language takes its name from the people who spoke it, i.e. the Arabs; initially, this term represented the human population living in the region bounded by Mesopotamia.
  • Salam alaykum! Happy World Arabic Language Day to you! Allah Yaselmik!
  • May Allah Almighty take care of you and protect you! I wish you a happy World Arabic Language Day! To learn rapidly!
  • Warmest greetings on the occasion of World Arabic Language Day. I hope you will learn many different languages ​​and thrive!
  • Arabic is one of the oldest languages ​​in this world and contributes to many other scripts around the world.
  • I hope you will get to know the nuances of this beautiful language! Wishing you a rewarding World Arabic Language Day!
  • May you get to know the different aspects of this beautiful language! I wish you a very happy World Arabic Language Day!

Quotes from World Arabic Language Day:

  • “And I withdrew into myself when I realized that they wanted to extract every thought in my head, one by one, like decayed teeth.” -Alia Mamdouh
  • “The beauty of the sea is that it never shows weakness and never tires of the countless souls who unleash their broken voices in its secret depths.” -Zeina Kassem
  • “Bagaimanapun, selama ada minyak di Timur Tengah kita takkan pernah damai.” -Marjane Satrapi