Arabic calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy exhibited in an exhibition held in three capitals

The World Exhibition of Arabic Calligraphy organized by the King Abdulaziz Public Library kicked off simultaneously in Riyadh, Beijing and Casablanca yesterday.

The biggest names in Arabic calligraphy are taking part in the exhibition, which is part of the initiative launched by the Saudi Minister of Culture, Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Frahan, to make 20201 the year of Arabic calligraphy, a step that reflects the great interest of Saudi Arabia and its cultural and academic institutions in calligraphy and their awareness of the importance of this Arabic and Islamic heritage.

The World Exhibition of Arabic Calligraphy, which will run until the end of the year, will display the works of the most eminent artists in the field, rare manuscripts that demonstrate the aesthetics and types of Arabic calligraphy, manuscripts rare antiques and coins from various Muslim dynasties and a library that includes over 200 books on the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy. It will also host 15 workshops for advanced and beginner students, as well as competitions for children.

For his part, the general supervisor of the library, Faisal bin Abdul Rahman bin Muammar, said, “Arabic calligraphy, as one of the most important features of our civilization, remains influential for many languages.” This, he said, “testifies to the elegance of his letters and to his artistic and aesthetic diversity which reinforces our cultural identity”. This exhibition, he added, will promote Arabic calligraphy and contribute to the preservation of the rich cultural heritage of the Arabian Peninsula.

According to bin Muammar, the coordination of the efforts of the sectors concerned and individual initiatives aimed at promoting the art of Arabic calligraphy strengthens the role of the King Abdulaziz Public Library through the organization of this world exhibition in Riyadh and its two branches. in Casablanca and Beijing. The exhibition also promotes the culture and civilization of Saudi Arabia, paving the way for building bridges between various creative and artistic visions.