Arabic alphabet

Arabic Alphabet Books for Kids: Beginning Arabic Practice for Kindergartens by Ahmed ArtSen, Paperback

Writing the Arabic alphabet for children: alphabet and coloring

This writing book is designed for children to introduce them to the Arabic language. Your child will learn to write the letters of the Arabic alphabet while having fun coloring pretty drawings.

This book is an ideal gift for anyone who wants to learn to write the Arabic alphabet.
Your child will not be bored to learn thanks to the drawings to color and the Super Apprentice Arabic Letters badge as a reward for completing the training drills.
This book will also be an ideal companion during the holidays.

What your child will get with this book:

  • 3 little tips to better anticipate learning Arabic letters
  • A two-page workout for each letter of the Arabic alphabet
  • Arrows that will help with letter formation
  • For each letter of the alphabet: 5 rows of consecutive letters to practice
  • An empty learning page, without example, without guide: your child will show that he is autonomous and can write the letters on his own.
  • Pretty drawings to color
  • Parent involvement

BONUS: A ”Super Apprentice of Arabic Letters” badge that your child will have fun coloring. It’s a reward badge for completing all of his Arabic letter training exercises.
So, will your child also be a Super Apprentice of Arabic Letters?